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Dawn Purvis MLA

Dawn Purvis MLA

Dawn was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly to represent Belfast East in March 2007 where she is a member of the Finance and Personnel Committee and the Public Accounts Committee.

Dawn is Leader of the Progressive Unionist Party, appointed by the Executive Committee after the death of David Ervine. She joined the party in 1994 and has held a number of offices in the last 14 years including Chairperson, Chair of the Women’s Commission and Spokesperson on Equality. She has helped produce many of the party’s policy documents.

Dawn has been involved in politics for 14 years, was talks coordinator for the party (1996-1998) at the multi party talks which led to the Good Friday Agreement. Dawn was the PUP Assembly Co-ordinator from 1998 to 2004.

After returning to education in 1997, she graduated from Queens in 2003. Dawn previously worked as an academic researcher for the Universities of Ulster and Huddersfield.

In April 2006 Dawn was appointed as an independent member of the Northern Ireland Policing Board and held this position until her election to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

She is committed to assisting working class Unionism into playing a constructive and active role within our society.

“Every individual on the planet has potential. Where I come from, the lack of opportunities mean that many individuals fail to achieve their full potential. Our job is to help and encourage them to reach it.”

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