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DateParty Articles
07/04/2010 Meeting the Demands for a Modern Public Library Service within NI
Dawn Purvis and John Kyle
10/10/2009 Billy McCaughey Memorial Lecture 2009
Denis Bradley - Consultant & Journalist
13/10/2008 Billy McCaughey Memorial Lecture 2008
Peter Sheridan - CEO, Co-operation Ireland
13/10/2007 Billy McCaughey Memorial Lecture 2007
Peter Bunting - Assistant General Secretary, ICTU
07/10/2007 Crime and Punishment
Cllr Dr John Kyle
11/05/2007 May Day Parade
Dugald McCullough
04/05/2007 A Rubicon has been Crossed
John Kyle
27/02/2007 The Pity of War
Billy Mitchell
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Further documents about Progressive Loyalism can be found below...

DateDocuments on Loyalism
26/08/2007 Why it wasn't too late to talk to Billy....
Roy Garland
01/08/2007 Billy Mitchell’s Theology
Roy Garland
20/02/2007 Loyalism at the Crossroads - The UVF and Conflict Transformation
Aaron Edwards and Stephen Bloomer
01/08/2006 Billy Mitchell 1941-2006
Roy Garland
26/05/2006 Truth Recovery - A Contribution from within Loyalism
Martin Snodden et al
30/09/2004 Conflict Transformation Papers - Volume 8
Aaron Edwards and Stephen Bloomer
26/03/2003 Alternatives and the Formal Criminal Justice System
Brian Gormally
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