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Register to Vote

It is of vital importance that everyone is registered to vote – no vote – no voice!

The last annual canvass carried out by the Electoral Office took place in 2006. It is now the responsibility of individuals to ensure they appear on the register.

Therefore the Progressive Unionist Party would encourage everyone to check their name appears on the Electoral Register, and if not, submit the necessary form.

Information on doing so and the forms themselves can be found here http://www.electoralofficeni.gov.uk/

Northern Ireland as we are all aware has a volatile political situation, with years of inactivity followed by periods of increased activity and elections. It is of the utmost importance that we as individuals and groups insure that when the times of decision making come round, we are ready to have our voices and opinion heard. – Register to vote.

Electoral Office of Northern Ireland.

Download the Electoral Register form: Download Electoral Register Form from the Electoral Office Download Adobe Reader